LAMPTRON Announces SM436 Full Case Controller for Fans and RGB Lighting

  May 15, 2019 - Lamptron, known for innovation in the design of external fan and RGB lighting controllers, is always seeking ways to bring intricate control of fans and lighting to one, central device. Building on the previous designs of other controllers, Lamptron is launching the SM436 - Full Case Control!

  The SM436 is one controller for all the different components in your case. The control box is separated from the LED panel for easy installation. The slim design means you can easily tuck wires away in the cable management section of your case. By including mounting holes on the LED display panel, builders can easily mount the device to the PCIe holes underneath the graphics card. The included Intrarot remote ensures easy control of both fan speed and RGB lighting.

A Total of 12 Headers

  The control box has multiple headers for complete case control. There are four channels that work with both PWM or 3 pin fans, with up to 36 watts so that each channel can handle multiple fans. For cases with introductory RGB devices, the SM436 has four channels to control 12V RGB components. There are also four channels for 5V addressable RGB devices. Each channel can handle 60 LEDs !

Separate LED Display Panel

  The large display helps users easily monitor fan speed, voltage and temperatures. With 3 mounting holes on the side, the display can be easily installed on the PCIe slots of a case. The design not only works great for modern cases that frequently leave out a CD drive bay, but the display will also show nicely through the side window of the case. A case with at least 3 PCI slots of spare space is required.

Additional Features

  The SM436 is powered by both a 4 pin Molex connector to ensure proper amperage to components, and a SATA power connection. Four temperature sensor can be utilized to monitor different areas of the case, for optimal fan control.

Features of the SM436 PCI RGB & Fan Controller at a glance

  Control panels for fans and RGB LED lighting

  Separate LC display with display for temperature, voltage and speed

  Four channels for fans with or without PWM with up to 36 watts per channel

  Four headers for up to 60 RGB LEDs (12VGRB)

  Four headers for up to 60 digitally addressing RGB LEDs (5VDG)

  Power supply by 4 -Pin -Molex and SATA

  Including Intrarot remote control