Hall of Fame

Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms & conditions carefully before deciding to upload your project to the Lamptorn Hall of Fame.

Done? Do you meet all the requirements and still want to upload your project?


1. Upload


  • By uploading your project you agree and certify that not only is the project yours but you also built it (so, you may not upload your project if you no longer own it or you didnĀ“t build it).
  • You agree that we (Lamptron) may use your project for publicity and/or marketing purposes if you are the winner of a sponsorship and/or any form of price.
  • You relinquish your legal right of demanding that we remove your project from the Hall of Fame for the minimum period of 1 year.

2. Sponsorships & Prices


  • Having the most voted project does not guarantee a price or sponsorship. While it certainly helps it is LamptronĀ“s final decision who gets sponsorships, this is to prevent vote spaming.
  • Winners of a sponsorship are required to do a new build with the sponsored products or integrate them to a current built within the allocated time (6 months).
  • Prices may be given to participating users for simply uploading their projects.
  • Winners will be asked to proove that the winning project is theirs and is still under their ownership.

3. Lamptron


  • Lamptron reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.
  • Lamptron reserves the right to deny or cancel sponsorship without reason.
  • Lamptron reserves the right to claim back sponsored products if the winner does not comply with terms & conditions.
  • Lamptron has the final word on who wins.