Lamptron Display’s Lights -- UPL01


Product:          Lamptron Display’s Lights -- UPL01
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Lamptron Display’s Lights -- UPL01
Unique Selling Point:
ü   【Protect Your Eyes - No Screen Glare & Flicker】The asymmetrical light design only illuminates the keyboard and desktop and ensures this USB powered monitor lamp eliminates the flicker and glare of typical desk lamps on the computer monitor. Protect your eyes while you work and study.
ü   【Stepless Dimming & 3 Color Temperature】Touch the sensor on the monitor light bar to adjust the brightness and color temperature. You can select warm white/neutral white/cool white(2800-4000-5500K) for working, reading, and relaxing.
ü   【More Space For You - Space Saving Design】The breakthrough design clamps onto the top of the monitor, more valuable space on your desk. This computer lamp saves 90% of desk space compared to the traditional desk lamp.
ü   【For 0.3"-0.8" inches Monitor Thickness】Compatible with flat monitor, Powered by your computer, wall charger, USB hub, etc. The USB power cord length is 1 m.
ü   USB POWER Lamp Dimensions: 464mm * 100mm *38mm. *This Monitor Light Bar can only be powered by a USB port or an adapter in 5V=1A. Otherwise, the light may be damaged.
Dimension 464mm * 100mm *38mm
DC Input +5VDC
Connector Type-C
LED 3 Light Modes
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