Product: Lamptron Gaming Scene Lights-GSL12,GSL06


Product: Lamptron Gaming Scene Lights-GSL12,GSL06
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LamptronGaming Scene Lights-GSL12,GSL06
Unique Selling Point:
ü   Are in sync with music - Built with a highly sensitive microphone, LAMPTRON Game scene lamps react and move in response to the beat of music, movie and game audio, giving you an immersive sound and light experience.
ü   Exciting lighting experience - Using innovative ARGB ICWW technology, the lighting effect of rainbow created by 16 million colors is displayed. Enhance your entertainment experience with dynamic presets or make your own lighting effects with DIY mode.
ü   RF controls your lights - Easily control LAMPTRON game scene lamp functions with RF, including on/off, brightness, color, and even lighting effects.
ü   Immersive ambient lighting - Extend your PC's ARGB lighting to illuminate your environment with diffuse colors and complex lighting effects, creating immersive background ambient lighting.
ü   Integration with games and media - Sync your ambient lighting, dynamically match on-screen games, movies and videos, or turn your room into a lively music visualizer.
ü   DIY splicing module - Include the same several lights, spliced into your design graphics, each light is equipped with ARGB custom LED beads.
ü   PC SYNC - You can choose not to connect the equipped controller, use the attached adapter to connect your computer's SYNC interface, and synchronize the lamp effect display with the computer.
ü   Single controller - Only one controller is allowed to be used when multiple products are spliced together.
Dimension 103mm * 90mm * 27mm
DC Input +5VDC
Connector 3pin & USB
Kit 6pcs / 12pcs
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-GSL06 6900628161418 Gaming Scene Lights  - GSL06 All color in one, Programmable,6pcs Leds + Controller;ARGB
LAMP-GSL12 6900628161425 Gaming Scene Lights  - GSL12 All color in one, Programmable,12pcs Leds + Controller;ARGB
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