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Product:   FlexLightNeon ARGB LED
说明: 1
LamptronFlexLight Neon ARGB LED
Unique Selling Point
v   Accurately control each LED color
v   Full color,each led is a pixel,each trip contain 60 pixels.
v   Motherboard Sync Interface.
Product introduction
Lamptron FlexLightNeon ARGB LED designed for computer enthusiasts.Lamptron It use 3M glue the back type installation,DC5V power supply.Full color color transformation, stepless dimming control, each lamp beads as a pixel point, each pixel gray level 256 adjustment.That you can free to design color, in line with your computer color matching.Classic combination control mode, it is the best choice for computer enthusiasts!Motherboard Sync Interface.
v   Waterproof
v   Install:3M
v   Control:control the 60 leds separately.
v   Output: Motherboard Sync Interface.
v   Pixel:control the LED pixels (1-512)
Input DC5V
leds 60 leds / meter
power 18W / meter
Control SYCN
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-NEON0501 6900628175316 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED DUA All color in one, Programmable,40cm 24LEDs;2pcs;NO Control
LAMP-NEON0502 6900628175323 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED Kit All color in one, Programmable,40cm 24LEDs * 2pcs + 20cm 12LEDs * 1pcs;NO Control
LAMP-NEON0503 6900628175330 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED 1m All color in one, Programmable,100cm 60LEDs;1pcs;NO Control
LAMP-NEON0504 6900628175347 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED 2m All color in one, Programmable,200cm 120LEDs;1pcs;NO Control
LAMP-NEON0505 6900628175354 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED 3m All color in one, Programmable,300cm 180LEDs;1pcs;NO Control
LAMP-NEON0506 6900628175361 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED 5m All color in one, Programmable,500cm 300LEDs;1pcs;NO Control
LAMP-NEON0507 6900628175378 FlexLight Neon ARGB LED 10m All color in one, Programmable,1000cm 600LEDs;1pcs;NO Control
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