CY816--Fan&ARGB lights Controller(Case Internal)


CY816 01
Lamptron CY816 Fan&ARGB lights Controller(Case Internal)
Unique Selling Point:
n   1,ARGB lamp and fan controller designed by LAMPTRON;
n   2,CY816 controlled by knob and remote control;
n   3, CY816 has acrylic protective cover;
n   4, CY816 has 4 pairs (8) lamp interface, connected to 8×3-Pin ARGB (5VDG, 5V);
n   5, CY816 has 4 pairs (8) fan output interface, connected to 8× 4-PIN voltage fan or PWM fan;
n   6, CY816 installed in the case of Power or hard disk, and hidden in the back of the motherboard.
Product introduction:
                  LAMPTRON CY816 controller is optimized for computer air cooling applications. CY816 controller makes it easy to build computer light effect and fan control systems. CY816 uses standard type D 4-PIN power supply and SATA power interface, which can be accessed according to your choice. It is controlled by both a knob and a remote control, both of which allow you to achieve your control choices. The CY816 has four pairs (8pcs) of5VDG ports and four pairs(8pcs)of fan ports. The maximum output power of each fan pair is 32W, and the output power of each lamp pair is 12W.
l   DC VOL control;
l   Screen Blue touch display;
l   Manual/Auto control;
l   Compatible with PWM fans and stardard fans;
l   Alarm temperature can be adjustable
Dimension 130mm * 96mm *25mm
Power Standard” D” Connector or SATA
Fans POWER Standardmax 36 watts per pairs
LAMP POWER Standardmax 12 watts per pairs
Fan Compatible PWM and Standard Fans
LAMP Compatible 3-Pin ARGB (5VDG, 5V)
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-CY816 6900628401941 CY816 Lamp & ARGB Fan Controller 16W per channel,8 channels;ARGB lamp;Acrylic housing
CY816 01CY816 02