LP801--Temperature Controller & ARGB Fan PWM HUB


说明: LP801 V1.0
LAMPTRON Temperature Controller & ARGB Fan PWM HUB   LP801 V1.0
Unique Selling Point:
1)  Dual mode optional cooling/heating;
2)  Can be set up control of high and low temperature;
3) Motherboard Sync 3 pin Hub 5VDC
4)  Classical black look
5) 1 to 8
6) Auxiliary Power
Product introduction:
LAMPTRON Temperature Controller & ARGB Fan PWM HUB -- LP801 V1.0 is used to expand the PWM Fan on the 5VDC motherboard to facilitate unified dimming and speed control of the connected flow Fan. Expand the 4-pin anti-freeze interface of computer motherboard to 8-way output interface, solve the problem of insufficient motherboard interface and driving ability, and deal with fan wire in a centralized manner. LAMPTRON LP801 has an all-black exterior design to highlight the understated luxury experience. The product will switch on and off the fan according to the external temperature. During the period when the fan is on, the fan accepts the computer synchronous PWM signal to control the speed regulation.
a.         Expand 8-bit lamp with 4-pin anti-daze interface to solve the problem of insufficient motherboard interface, insufficient drive capacity, as well as centralized treatment of fan wire.
b.         Power supply can be directly powered by the power supply, can reduce the motherboard load pressure
c.          Scope of Use: Applicable to 5VDC motherboard 4pin anti-stay (3pin) light tape or streaming fan for unified dimming.
d.         HUB PCB board behind the 3M back glue, easy to paste in a flat place.
e.         Precautions: Remember that the arrow above the plug corresponds to the interface position of the pin.
1.  Dimension:145 mm×60mm×22mm
2.  The length of the wiring 500mm( 4pin )
Order information:
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LAMP-LP801 6900628026168 LP801 V1.0 Temperature Controller & ARGB Fan PWM HUB
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