Lamptron CU783 RGB/ARGB Fans&Lights Controller


Lamptron CU783 RGB / ARGB Fans&Lights Controller
Unique Selling Point:
ü   ARGB Version and RGB Version
ü   7.83” large IPS screen
ü   Control up to 6 Voltage/PWM fans
ü   6-way Thermal Sensors
ü   6×RGB (12V RGB) or 6×ARGB (5V ARGB)
ü   Remote Control+Touch Control
ü   Mounting:Desktop or inside PC Case
Product introduction:
Lamptron CU783 is designed as High-end fans and lights control with Lamptron unique User’s interface.
It can controlled by Remote control,Touch Control.Improved users interface will offer better human-machine interface.coming with ARGB version and RGB is up to 6 lights and fans to control.
Lamptron CU783 can shows in desk or inside of PC Case
  • Design with mobile phone display screen
  • Separated Controller and display screen for installation
  • Remote control and touch control
  • Control RGB LED Strip or ARGB LED Strip (support all the LED Strip controlled by motherboard)
ü   Manual/Auto control
  • Compatible with PWM fans and standard fans
Control Dimension 121.5mm× 72.5mm×21mm
Display Dimension 260mm×71mm×19mm
Screen dimension 188.68mm× 58mm(screen )
Power output Up to 30 watts per channel
Control channels 6 Channels
DC Input +12V(Standard ”D ” Connector and SATA)
DC Output 0 V - 12V DC
Compatible PWM Fans and Standard Fans
LED Strip Max 60 led
 Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-CU783A 6900628202975 CU783 ARGB 7.83-inch touch screen; RF control; PCI installation;ARGB LED Control
LAMP-CU783 6900628202983 CU783 RGB 7.83-inch touch screen; RF control; PCI installation;RGB LED Control