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Product:          CM430 Auto -- Fan Controller

LamptronCM430 Auto Fan Controller
Unique Selling Point:
l   LAMPTRON offer 8 color screens for you to choose from before purchase;
l   Separate LCD display;
l   Touch screen display of drive position;
l   Four standard fan output ports, the first port can support PWM speed control;
l   Four temperature sensors are configured.
l   Automatic control mode, compatible with manual mode, violence mode and mute mode
Product introduction:
说明: Lamptron_CM430-Auto
LAMPTRON CM430 Auto from the CM430 version, which adds 3 colour screens and now has 8 colour screens for you to choose from before buying.  They are: Red,Green, Blue, UV, R&B, Yellow,R&Y and B&Y.  CM430 Auto enhanced automatic control mode, providing a new automatic control function and power failure saving function.  CM430 Auto saves your Settings when powered down, returns to the state before you powered down and displays it in the function area when it works again.  
LAMPTRON CM430 Auto's display panel provides you with a wealth of information and control modes.  Super imaginative layout, there are 4 buttons on the right that can directly control the fan, and they and control mode can be seen separately in the functional area.  When the fan icon in the central area starts to rotate, it indicates that a fan is working.  On the left is the display of temperature and velocity.  The speed position can also be switched to voltage and fan working percentage for your choice.  The backlight on the left side can be adjusted as required (100%, 50%, or off). The backlight is considered to be fully on at startup time, and you need to choose the brightness of the backlight in automatic mode.  The CM430 Auto also has an alarm function when the temperature is higher than the set temperature or the fan suddenly does not turn, of course, you can choose to turn it off.  This feature is quick to set up and easy to disable.  Also, the CM430 Auto still has a cold start function, which does not turn off the fan when it is turned on.  When the cold start is turned on, the fan will work between 40% and 100%, and there is no time to stop working.  This pattern is also very easy to change.  Note: CM430 Auto is still the first channel to support PWM speed regulation and voltage speed regulation, the other three channels only support voltage speed regulation!  
l     separate LCD display which displays temperature, voltage and speed  
l     is the first channel of a fan with or without PWM, and the voltage is regulated by the remaining three channels, each of which is up to 36 watts  
l     touch screen control  
l     is fitted with four connected temperature sensors  
l     automatic control and manual control, and intensifies the automatic operation mode  
l     shutdown memory function when reactivated  
Control Dimension 148.5mm×42.5mm×63mm
Display Dimension 129mm×32.5mm(wider screen)
Power output Up to 30 watts per channel
Control channels 4 Channels
DC Input +12V(Standard ”D ” Connector )
DC Output 0 V - 12V DC
Compatible PWM Fans and Standard Fans
Alarm Alarm temperature can be adjusted
PWM Function PWM control(1stchannel)
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-CM430AR 6900628402115 CM430 Auto-Red CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,Red
LAMP-CM430AB 6900628402122 CM430 Auto-Blue CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,Blue
LAMP-CM430AG 6900628402139 CM430 Auto-Green CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,Green
LAMP-CM430AUV 6900628402146 CM430 Auto-UV CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,UV
LAMP-CM430ARB 6900628402153 CM430 Auto-R&B CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,R&B
LAMP-CM430AY 6900628402160 CM430 Auto-Yellow CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,Yellow
LAMP-CM430ARY 6900628402177 CM430 Auto-R&Y CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,R&Y
LAMP-CM430ABY 6900628402184 CM430 Auto-B&Y CM430 Auto;30w per channel,PWM,Touch,Black-Housing,B&Y
说明: Lamptron_CM430说明: Lamptron_CM430-VertUV.2
说明: Lamptron_CM430-Auto
说明: Lamptron_CM430-Rouge说明: Lamptron_CM430-Rouge.1说明: Lamptron_CM430-Bleu说明: Lamptron_CM430-Bleu.1说明: Lamptron_CM430-Vert说明: Lamptron_CM430-Vert.1说明: Lamptron_CM430-UV.2说明: Lamptron_CM430-UV说明: Lamptron_CM430-RougeBleu说明: Lamptron_CM430-RougeBleu.1说明: Lamptron_CM430-yellow说明: Lamptron_CM430-yellow2说明: Lamptron_CM430-B&Y 2说明: Lamptron_CM430-Ye.1副本说明: Lamptron_CM430 R&Y说明: Lamptron_CM430-B&Y.1