Lamptron TC20 SYNC Fans and RGB Light Controller


LamptronLED Controller TC20
Unique Selling Point:
ü   RGB Lights Control
ü   RGB Backlight SYNC/Motherboard Lights SYNC
ü   RPM Showout
ü   2-Channel Thermal Sensors
Product introduction:
         Lamptron TC20 can control the computer's LED strip band and display CPU speed, along with two practical temperature sensors. You can also control the RGB strip belt in the simplest way possible. The power supply interface uses a SATA interface, with one port for the PWM fan (4 stitches) and one port for the PWM fan (4-pin) output.
l   High quality aluminum housing
l   LCD screen for color lighting
l   only one channels for PWM fans,Display CPU Speed
l   4-pin RGB LED connection
l   Dual temperature sensors are included

Dimension 100mm *32mm *14mm
Screen dimension 55mm * 18mm(wider screen)
Power output Up to 20 watts
Control channels 1 Channels
DC Input +12V(SATA Connector)
Output PWM
Compatible PWM Fans
Alarm Alarm temperature can be adjusted
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-TC20B 6900628404058 LED Controller TC20B LED Controller TC20;Black housing;
LAMP-TC20S 6900628404065 LED Controller TC20S LED Controller TC20;Silver housing;