Lamptron RF625-Remote Controlled Lights&Fans Controller(ARGB+RGB+SYNC)


RF625 主机2

Lamptron RF625 Case Controller
Unique Selling Point:
l   Control Fans,ARGB LEDs,RGB LEDs and motherboard SYNC
l   With Touchable Remote Control;
l   Up to 6 fans with or without PWM ;
l   3 × RGB (12VGRB) & 3 × ARGB (5VDG);
Product introduction:
The Lamptron RF625 PCI RGB & Fan Controller provides almost unlimited control over fan and RGB lighting. With up to 25 watts of power per channel, there is almost no limit. The fan controller supports both fans with and without PWM. The power supply is provided via a 4-pin molex connection. In total, up to four fans can be connected to the controller's board.
In addition, four 4 pin RGB LED fans or strips (12VGRB) and four digitally addressable 3-pin ARGB (5VDG) devices can be connected. The additional power required is provided via a SATA connection. There are also four temperature sensors, which can also be connected to the board.
The fan's lighting and speed is controlled by the enclosed infrared remote control. There, for example, the fans can be put either in quiet mode at 40 percent or in maximum mode. Or leave fan control to the controller. In addition, the lighting modes are determined by remote control.
Lamptron has also included a chic LC-Display to help you know how fast the fans are spinning and at what voltage they are running and what temperatures are inside the case. It will be attached to three free PCI slots and the output admired through the transparent side window. The controller's board is connected to a cable and can be hidden somewhere in the case.
l   Fans and ARGB,RGB LEDs and Motherboard SYNC lighting
l   Touchable Remote Control to display temperature, voltage and speed
l   Four channels for fans with or without PWM with up to 36 watts per channel
l   Four headers for up to 60 RGB LEDs (12VGRB)
l   Four headers for up to 60 digitally ARGB LEDs (5VDG)
l   Power supply via 4-pin molex and SATA
l   RF remote control

Control Dimension 121.5mm×72.5mm×21mm
Display Dimension 115mm×65mm×15.5mm
Screen dimension 95mm×45mm(screen)
Power output Up to 25 watts per channel
Control channels 6 Channels
DC Input +12V(Standard ”D ” Connector and SATA)
DC Output 0 V - 12V DC
Compatible PWM Fans and Standard Fans
RGB LED Strip Max 60 led
Programmable LED Strip Max 60 led
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-RF625B 6900628401958 Fan Controller RF625  Black 25w per channel; 6 channel output;Blackhousing;Remote control;
LAMP-RF625S 6900628401965 Fan Controller RF625 Silver 25w per channel; 6 channel output;Silverhousing;Remote control;



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