Lamptron CS635 – Lighted PCI Fan Controller



Lamptron CS635 Light PCI Fan Controller
Unique Selling Point:
√   Lighted PCI Mounting Fan Controller
√    Lights controlled by Motherboard(Motherboard SYNC)
√   Unique Design
Product introduction:
The LAMPTRON CS635 controller is designed to display the fan speed, voltage, and temperature and is fitted with an acrylic panel.The controller is mainly installed in the PCI position of the computer case, and has the ARGB panel display function of computer synchronization.
The display screen is displayed by acrylic ARGB light panel, the surface is glued to the aluminum drawing panel design.We have silver drawing panel and black drawing panel for you to choose.The subtitles displayed can be red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white for you to switch.
The controller adopts the protection design of acrylic plate.The transparent acrylic on the upper layer can visually see the internal devices, while the black acrylic on the lower layer plays a protective role.The single-channel output power of the controller is 35W, with a total of 6 outputs.SATA power interface is used to facilitate the installation and use of computers.
The remote controls adjust the display color and fan speed, and control the brightness of the backlight.
The color of the synchronous ARGB light board is displayed by the main board synchronous control.
v  Fan control panel and ARGB LED lighting
v  Separate LCD display and display temperature, voltage and speed
v  Six channels with or without PWM fans, each channel up to 36 watts
v  Power supply via SATA
v  Remote control

Control Dimension 121.5mm×72.5mm×21mm
Display Dimension 280mm×55mm×30mm
Screen dimension 136mm×19mm(screen)
Power output Up to 35 watts per channel
Control channels 6 Channels
DC Input +12V( SATA)
DC Output 0 V - 12V DC
Compatible PWM Fans and Standard Fans
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-CS635B 6900628401989 Fan Controller CS635  Black 25w per channel; 6 channel output;Blackhousing;Remote control;
LAMP-CS635S 6900628401996 Fan Controller CS635 Silver 25w per channel; 6 channel output;Silverhousing;Remote control;


CS635 银色CS635副本
CS635 BCS635 S