Prism+ ARGB Fan kit - 120mm


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Lamptron Prism ARGB Fan kit - 120mm
Unique Selling Point:
ü   ARGB LED Strip;
ü   Prism display effect ARGB fan;
ü   Edge and center luminescence;
ü   3pin & 4pin;
ü   NO control
Dimension 120mm * 120mm * 25mm
Speed 1500±100RPM
Input 3-5 watts
Noise Level 35dBA
DC Input +12V and +5VDC
Connector 4pin&3pin and 4pin
Compatible PWM and Standard Fans
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-PAF01 6900628222181 Prism ARGB Fan Black kit ARGB PWM fan - 120mm,Black housing;TRIPLE KIT;3pcs / kit;3pin & 4pin;NO control
LAMP-PAF02 6900628222198 Prism ARGB Fan White kit ARGB PWM fan - 120mm,White housing;TRIPLE KIT;3pcs / kit;3pin & 4pin;NO control
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