Procyon+ ARGB fan - 120mm


Product information - Procyon+ ARGB fan - 120mm
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The Procyon+ ARGB LED fans from Lamptron represent the ideal entry into the world of digitally addressing RGB LED fans. Thanks to the now widespread 3 -Pin -5VDG plug for ARGB lighting, they can be easily connected to almost all current mainboards. The performance data of the fans can also be seen.
Features of Lamptron Procyon+ ARGB LED fans at a glance
ARGB LED fans with 3 -Pin -5VDG and 4 -Pin power supply
600 to 1.800 U min at 26 to 30 dB (A)
Up to 1,2 mmH2O Air pressure
Hydrodynamic storage for a quiet and long run up to 40.000 hours
Features of the Lamptron Procyon+ ARGB LED fan in detail
The 120 -mm Lamptron fan is designed for efficient and quiet operation. The special design of the rotor blades ensures an optimal but noisy airflow, as air distortions are largely reduced. This results in proper cooling even at low speeds. At a maximum speed of 1.800 U min, the Rigel fan has a noise development of only 30 dB (A) and consumes less than 2.78 watt.
Hydrodynamic bearings also reduce noise development. At the same time, it provides a long service life of up to 40.000 hours. The fan is also equipped with RGB LEDs. They are connected to the mainboard via a 3 -pin -5VDG connector. Thanks to an integrated Y -switch, several LED fans can be switched in series. The cable length of the fans is 65 centimeters.
Technical details
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm (L x B x H)
Colour Transparent
Static print 1,2 mmH2O
Speed max. 1.800 U min
Noise development 26 -30 dB (A)
Stock Hydrodynamic
Cable length 650 mm
Connections 4 -pin (current)
Duration 40.000 hours
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