Fluorescent Tube Clock for Gamer- MC163


说明: MC163-11
Lamptron Fluorescent Tube Clock  - MC163
Unique Selling Point:
l   Mounts on table or in PC case.
l   Mirc USB power interface. 
l   Fluorescent tube digital display. 
l   Steampunk classic style. 
l   A variety of cool ARGB lamp effects. 
Product introduction:
Fluorescent tubes were a classic of the Soviet union in the 1980s and 1990s, and were widely manufactured and used in military equipment during the Cold War. Fluorescent tube clocks are now rare, so they are worth collecting. It has not only a collectable fluorescent tube, but also a glowing circuit board. With the RF remote control, you can control all the lights on the circuit board. It also has three onboard touch buttons that can be used to change the date, temperature or switch on and off. Also carefully designed the boot greeting "HELLO"  and shutdown farewell language "SEE YOU"!
 Dimension 163mm*42mm*60mm
 Screen Dimension IV18
 Color Available Black
 DC Input 5V DC ( USB )
 Connectors Mirc USB
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-MC163 6900628231128 Fluorescent Tube Clock -MC163 Type- C;Fluorescent Tube Clock;Black housing
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