VFD Creative Retro Clock - MC160


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LamptronVFD creative retro clock  - MC160
Unique Selling Point:
l   Mounts on table or in PC case.
l   Type-C USB power interface. 
l   Fluorescent tube digital display. 
l   Steampunk classic style. 
Product introduction:
VFD creative retro clock is a reference to VFD lamp effect design of the clock. It is based on LED lamp design to imitate VFD lamp effect, the basic version is the combination of clock and pickup, we will add software control display function later.
 Dimension 160mm×43mm×53mm
 Screen Dimension 139mm×40mm
 Color Available Black
 DC Input 5V DC ( USB )
 Connectors Mirc USB
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-MC160 6900628231135 VFD Creative Retro Clock - MC160 Type- C;VFD creative retro clock;Black housing
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