Cartoon character model – KE001


说明: 03
LAMPTRON PVC cartoon character model – KE001
Unique Selling Point:
1) Computer ornaments are used to decorate computers
2) PVC material 
3) Overall size: 17cm×10cm×10cm 
4) Cartoon character models :Kitamura Eri
5) Fixed shape 
Product introduction:
Computer decoration decoration pieces, can be placed in the computer case inside, computer case above or computer desk, as long as you like the position. It's made of PVC and sits in a fixed position. Unplug the head of the model to change clothes. Eyes, coat, underwear and jewelry are removable.
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-KE001 6900628598214 PVC cartoon character model - Kitamura Eri PVC cartoon character model - Kitamura Eri
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