Lamptron STC-3000 Itelligent Temperature Controller--Cooling and Heating together


Lamptron STC-3000 Itelligent Temperature Controller--Cooling and Heating together
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Lamptron STC-3000 intelligent temperature controller
Unique Selling Point:
1, dual mode optional cooling/heating;
2, can be set up control of high and low temperature;
3, temperature calibration function;
4, the front panel set the manual switch function;
Product introduction:
         LAMPTRON STC-3000intelligent temperature controller with LED Display is designed for heat/cooling rack.This is our latest thermal control unit that allows complete control over the temperature at which 12V devices plugged through it will turn on and off. We re-designed this thermal switch especially for cabinet cooling. With all the video, audio and gaming centers converging into a single storage cabinet it is imperative that the cabinet temperature be controlled. The Programmable Thermal Fan Controller gives you complete control to set the temperature for power-on and power-off.STC-3000with functions of cooling and heating dual optional control mode, can be used to control cabinet cooling or heating control.Reduce the temperature control, high temperature began to work, arrived at low temperature to stop working.Raise the temperature control, low temperature began to work, arrived at high temperature to stop working.
v   Temperature sensor- Line length75 cm
v   Two terminals output lead
v   Vehicle with DC12V power supply only the power supply, the two terminals 
v   Select Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature switch between 
v   Temperature range: 50.0 ℃ ~ 99.9℃
v   10 a output capacity (10000 ma)
v   Connect or heating tubes  DC12V DC12V fan
v   delay start Settings
         Device: 75mm x 34.5mm x 85mm
         Cutout: 71mm x 29mm
         NOTE:This unit only needs a 12-volt power supply
CODE instructions Setting range Factory Default
F1 Temperature setting 50.0℃~99.9℃ 10℃
F2 Temperature difference value 0.3℃~10.0℃ 0.5℃
F3 Delay start 1~10min 3min
F4 The temperature calibration -10.0℃~+10.0℃ 0℃
F5 Temperature of the unit C / F 0/1
Order information:
PartNumber EANCode Productname Description
LAMP-STC3000 6900628102268 STC-3000  intelligent temperature controller
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