Lamptron HM070 hardware monitor


Lamptron HM070 hardware monitor
Portable Display for AIDA64 - 7"IPS,HDMI,Ultra-thin

Product information - HM070 Hardware Monitor

Key words:

Lamptron external 7-inch screen

for displaying PC statistics with AIDA64

Real-time monitoring of PC hardware

including stands and mounting

adjustable operating surface

Product information - HM070 Hardware Monitor

Product information - HM070 Hardware Monitor
Small LCD monitor for the external display of AIDA64 statistics. Allows convenient hardware monitoring in real time on 7-inch screen diagonal.
The features of the Lamptron HM070 Hardware Monitor at a glance:
* External LCD monitor with 7"-Diagonal
* Disposal by close cooperation of Lamptron and AIDA64
* For the display of AIDA64 statistics and information
* Screen resolution: 1.024 x 600 pixel @60hz
* Including mounting for placement on the desk, wall or PC housing
* Customizable user interface with different designs
* The features of the Lamptron HM070 Hardware Monitor in detail
The HM070 Lamptron monitor displays the hardware statistics of the AIDA64 monitoring software. The external 7-inch monitor was created by close cooperation with AIDA64 software team and allows real-time monitoring of PC hardware without having to sacrifice space on the main screen.
The small display offers a resolution of 1024 times 600 pixels at 60hz image repetition rate. It can easily be placed on the desk, on a wall or inside the computer by means of supplied brackets. The user interface is customizable, Lamptron provides some design sets for this purpose.
Technical details:
Dimensions: 172 x 114 x 10 mm (B x H x T)
Screen size: 165 x 110 mm (B x H)
Viewing angle: 80
Color: Black
Screen resolution: 1.024 x 600 pixel @60hz
DC input: 5 V (USB)
Connections: HDMI, Micro-USB

Part Number EAN Code Product name Description
LAMP-HM070 6900628202630 HM070 PC hardwares real time monitoring AIDA64;7.0 inch; Portable display; HDMI; Ultra-thin narrow edge; IPS;Black housing
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HM070-002HM070-001复件 HM070-05