Lamptron CP120 PCI Fan Controller


Thank you for choosing LAMPTRON CP120 PCI Fan Controoller.

Lamptron CP120 fan controller can easily build computer fan control system.CP120 comes with PCI interfac at 12VDC input, 1 control knob, Totally 2 channels up to 20 watts output with the standard fan 3-pin connectors.(Can connect 4-pin PWM fan or other fans are suitable for this standard)

It is optimized for air-cooled applications and the LED Lights.


1. Lamptron classic black looking

2. High quality aluminum alloy plate

3. Classic black control knob

4. Just 1 PCI slot-easy to use

5. Voltage control ranging 6 -12VDC

6. Speed: 30% to 100% full speed

7. Support fan × 2

8. Up to 20 watts



Power output Up to 20 watts
Control channels 2 Channels
DC Input +12V(Standard Molex Connector)
DC Ouput 6 V – 12V DC