LAMPTRON CU423 controller is optimized for air-cooled applications. CU423 fan controller can easily build computer fan control system.CU423 Standard 5.25 -inch drives running at 12VDC input, Classic Clock Dial display. The four channels are compatible with voltage control(3-pin). Up to 40 watts per channel.



1   Classic Clock Dial design

2   40W per Channel,4 channels

3   Voltage,Speed and Temperature display

4   Manual/Auto Control Mode available

5  High quality sleeved wires


Dimension 148.5mm * 42.5mm * 65mm
Power output Up to 40 watts per channel
Control channels 4 Channels
DC Input +12V(standard power interface + 5557-2 D shape * 4 per)
DC Ouput 0 V – 12V DC
Compatible 2510 male head 3 p socket

We recommend that you read the following detailed description of the installation manual before using the CU423

Lamptron CU423 Instruction Manual